The First Individual on Mars Ought To be a Lady

Allison McIntyre manages a huge astronaut training centre at Johnson Space Center
Allison McIntyre manages a huge astronaut training centre at Johnson Space Center
A senior Nasa engineer has said the primary individual to set foot on Mars ought to be a lady.

Allison McIntyre, who puts forthcoming space voyagers through hellfire at Johnson Space Center in Houston, noticed that each of the 12 individuals who have strolled on the Moon were men.

She trusts ladies ought to be at the front line if and when the office sends its first human missions to Mars.

They have been meeting ladies at the bleeding edge of the 21st century space race. It's the greater part a century since Russia sent the primary lady into space, and 40 years since Nasa chose its first female space explorer.

Be that as it may, there still hasn't been a lady on the Moon, and ladies stay under spoke to in science and designing ventures on the two sides of the Atlantic.

Allison has a fantastic view from her office window - on to the floor of the Space Vehicle Mockup Facility at Johnson Space Center in Houston.

This tremendous building is stuffed with full-estimate renditions of International Space Station (ISS) modules and other rocket, where space explorers prepare before going into space.
One day take humans to mars
A training session of Orion, which might one day take humans to Mars
Allison is in charge of the facility "I cherish it. They will need to remove me from here kicking and shouting when it's the ideal opportunity for me to accomplish something unique."

She's been with Nasa for almost 30 years and has seen colossal changes in that time: "My middle executive is a lady, my previous division boss is a lady, we have female space travelers, yet we haven't put a lady on the Moon yet, and I figure the primary individual on Mars ought to be a lady."

Nasa space traveler Karen Nyberg has officially spent over a half year in space on board the ISS.

"When I was chosen as a space explorer in 2000, I believed that may be a practical plausibility that we would be the by go to the Moon, so it's disastrous we weren't."

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