Walmart Introduces Exclusive Personal Shopping By Text Messaging

Walmart continues to battle for web relevance with the launch of Jetblack, the company’s new personal shopping service that you simply text. Jet black is high-powered by automatic bots and real live humans who’ll do their best to satisfy your requests. “Need it. Text it. Get it. Jet black is that the simplest way for busy moms to buy,” 

Jet black, or “J” as we’re alleged to call it, begins life solely in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Members text queries or specific shopping requests on to the Wal-borg, wherever its network of AI-driven bots and skilled buyers can scurry into action. The service will recommend the best TV, for instance, or gifts for any desired occasion. Deliveries can arrive on the same day, or ensuring, while not extra charges. There’s no minimum pay (hello after-party lollipop!) and Jetblack can come to you to gather any returns. gift wrapping is free, however, you can’t order food.


Membership is accessible by invite solely and prices $50 per month. should you be judged worthy, then a 10-minute telephony from the service can examine your favourite brands, family allergies, and often ordered items.
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